32 Dental Academy believes in practice-oriented lectures with videos, live demonstrations and out of the box lateral thinking. Learn from the chain of clinics that has treated over 1,00,000+ patients.

With a state of the art infrastructure which includes a 30 seater Lecture hall with Audio-Visual Aids, Pre-Clinical Lab with Phantom heads that mimic dental chair like experience, it redefines the standards for academic setup.

32 Dental Academy is a complete one-stop solution for students with a penchant for Clinical skill training, knowledge, campus opportunities that surely transforms a budding dentist into a seasoned professional.

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Courses Offered

Digital Implant Dentistry

With and without surgical implant guide

Next Course Date: 8th & 9th,  March 2018

Venue: 32 Dental Academy [32 Dental Care, Porur Chennai]

Course Eligibility: DCI registered Dentist

Price: Rs.20,000/- All Inclusive


Course Details

  • Introduction to Implant Dentistry

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • Implant Surgical Phase

  • Implant Prosthetic Phase

  • Implant Maintenance

What’s Included

  • Course completion certificates issued by the Academy

  • Hands-On/Live Patient Demo

Laser Dentistry

Next Course Date: 6 & 7 March, 2018

Venue: 32 Dental Academy [32 Dental Care, Porur Chennai]

Course Eligibility: DCI registered Dentist

Price: Rs.15,000/- All Inclusive

Course Faculty – Dr.Sana Farista, Mumbai 

Course Details

    • Fundamentals of Laser

    • Laser Basics & Safety

    • Application in Oral Medicine

    • Application in Periodontics Laser

    • Application in Periodontics Tongue

    • Application in Prosthodontics

    • Application in Oral Surgery

    • Hands-on

    • Photo Biomodulation (LLLT)

    • Evidence Based Update

    • Incorporating Laser Into Practise

    • Demonstration on Patient

    • Live Surgical Demonstration

    • Group Discussion

What’s Included

    • Hands-on/Live Patient demo

    • Laser handi

Root Canal

Next Course Date: April

Venue: 32 Dental Academy [First Floor, 32 Dental Care, Porur Chennai]

Course Eligibility: DCI registered Dentist

Price: Rs.20,000/- All Inclusive

Course Details – Root Canal

  • Clinical tips and tricks for a smart and efficient practice

  • Clinical case selection and treatment planning

  • Rubber dam placement and demo

  • Access opening – Dos and Donts’

  • Demystifying the de-roofing

  • Working length assessment – X-Rays to apex locator

  • Rotary Endodontics – Basic to Advanced

  • Obturation – Basic to Advanced

  • Post and Core

  • Troubleshooting – Prevention and management of under-fill, over-fill, perforation, ledges, instrument separation

  • Re-RCT – What, when and how

  • Use of lasers and end-sonics in RCT

  • Surgical Endodontics – What, when and how

  • All procedures under indirect vision on phantom heads

  • Use of magnification loops

  • Compulsory live RCT procedures on patients

Course Details – Crowns

  • Treatment planning

  • Choosing the type of crown

  • Crown material-specific tooth preparation

  • Economics and practice management tips

  • Impression-making: Choosing the material/tray – Tips and tricks

  • Temporisation

  • Laboratory tour demonstration crown fabrication process

  • Live demo on CAD/CAM software

  • Luting cements

  • Getting high on high points

Course Highlights

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities

  • Compulsory patient treatment quota

  • Practice management tips

  • Practical-oriented training with maximum hands-on

  • Didactic cognitive activity-based learning

  • Placement assistance and internship opportunities

  • Energetic, accessible, and vibrant in-house faculty

What’s Included

  • Course completion certificate issued by the Academy

  • Rotary Kit

  • Quick practical guide for ready reference (Hand-cut)