Dental Vacation

Dental Vacation is a growing concept for a planned vacation along with total a dental solution and care.

India is one of the most chosen destination for dental tourism because of its rapidly growing infrastructure and up to date technology and available at an economical price. India has one of the best medical and treatment centers

And not to forget, India is also known for its historic beauty that attracts majority of the tourists and getting your teeth done in the meanwhile, while you are vacationing doesn’t seem to be a bad idea if you are at the right place.

Our dental clinic offers a full range of dentistry from regular checkups to full mouth reconstructions and everything in between on the highest level, to keep your smile happy and healthy.

From the Preliminary examination and consultation to the treatment plan would be personalized to meet your requirements and satisfy your needs.

In our clinics, all dental procedures would be carried out with strict international protocols of hygiene and sterilization, and of course using the latest dental techniques and materials. As such, all our off-shore clients would receive the same (or even higher) standards of dental care at 32 dental health care clinics.

We would be more than happy to arrange through our travel partners the entire package (on request), including the flight arrangements, accommodation, and local tour packages during your stay along with your required dental treatments as a whole package.

All you have to do is just let us know your preferred dates and our co-coordinators will get in touch with you and arrange a complete tour package which includes your dental treatments in it. All of this is combined in one personalized package for you.

32 Dental Care holiday- package offers you a complete dental care package you are looking for.

Dental Implants
& Bridges
DescriptionUSD (Price Starting)
  1 Implant + 1 Crown400-450
  2 Implant + 3 Unit Bridge1200-1600
 2 Implant + 4 Unit Bridge1200-1500
 Immediate Loaded Implant600-700
 2 Implants + Ball Attachment + Over denture1200-1600
 4 Implants + Ball Attachment + Over denture1600-1800
 4 Implants +Bridge ( 10 Unit Crowns )3000-3200

32 Dental Care exclusive packages would include:

    • Procedure: Cost of the Healthcare procedure quoted by Doctor.
    • Return Air tickets: 32 dental would be pleased to book your and the accompanied person’s return air tickets with the airline of your choice.
    • Transfers: Airport to Accommodation (Hotel), For Pre and Post procedure consultations and procedure, Accommodation (Hotel) to Airport.
    • Accommodation: You can choose the category of Hotel -the applicable price of package varies accordingly.
    • Local City Tour: 01 day – Local sightseeing and market visit.
    • Personal Communication device: Cellular phone for the use during your stay in India.
    • All Applicable Taxes
    • Excluding Breakfast, Meals and Beverages.

Price Comparison

ProcedureUnited StatesCanadaBrazilRussiaIndiaSingaporeRomania
Single Implant$2990 to $10000$990$1000$900$525 to $1012$1700$950
VeneersAt least $800 to $1200$369$360$450$220$240$240
Root canal$699 to $1300$299 to $329$60$150 to $200$80$90 to $200$90 to $200
Crowns$750 to $1500$299$285$280 to $ 800$80$210 to $390$240 to $600
Bonding$150 to $300$70$70$60$25 to $30$80$75
Wisdom Tooth Removal$250 to $500$120$180$190$90$144$120