Dr. Mir Ali Reza (Co-Founder and Director)

A promising entrepreneur by profession, Dr. Mir Ali Reza is the face behind South India’s fastest growing dental chain. He is committed to channeling his energy into realizing his vision to provide world-class dental care at affordable prices. He is highly passionate about his endeavours and aims at reaching milestones that were not previously reached by any healthcare unit.

Under his vision and guidance, 32 Dental Care intends to open 100 centres across India, and set establishments abroad. He has been instrumental in bringing international roadmaps in dentistry. He has planned to open 20 more centres by the end of 2016. Starting his career as a dentist, he has emanated all the way to lead this organisation.

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Dr. K Senthil Prasad (Co-Founder and Director)

Starting his career as a dentist, Dr. K Senthil Prasad has gained experience from various dental practises. In the progress of his career, he was acquainted with Dr. Mir Ali Reza at workplace. Their common passion and values were soon realised, making them function as a single entity.

He opened his own clinic in Chennai, which has progressed to become a chain of dental clinics. He aims for the sky, making it simple for the company to keep growing under his guidance and support. He is the mastermind behind the strategic decisions made at 32 Dental Care, and his passion to reach unmatched heights in dentistry is bringing about a revolution in the field.

Dr. Ahmed Hasan Jibran (Clinical Director)

Dr. Ahmed Hasan Jibran is an eager learner. He craves for modernising his knowledge to always be at par with the dynamic world. He is a Prosthodontist and Implantologist who is a pioneer in satisfying patient needs in accordance with their requirements. With his eloquent communication skills and patience he gives the same amount of care to each of his patients at 32 Dental Care. The inherent quality of him to keep patients’ requirements as priority, has aided him to achieve numerous records.

He initially attended to Prosthodontic patients in 32 Dental Care as a consultant. Owing to his leadership qualities and management skills, he swiftly evolved to become the Executive Director of Clinicals. He now enthusiastically supports the directors and leads the entire team of dentists.

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